Sunday, September 18, 2011

IHE Radiology Planning Committee rejects Image Manager/Archive Content Migration Profile

Summary: Other proposals were judged to have higher priority than the Image Manager/Archive Content Migration Profile.

Long version:

Last week I wrote about a proposal that I had drafted for an Image Manager/Archive Content Migration Profile, to use a an offline archive of standard DICOM objects on an external transportable disk array as an approach to the PACS migration problem.

Unfortunately, as you can see from the minutes of the IHE Radiology Planning Committee t/con, other proposals received higher priority for evaluation by the technical committee, which is the next step before shortening the list further.

Irritatingly, I had let my voting rights on the planning committee lapse, since I hadn't participated in the last few t/cons, and the t/con ran over time and I had to leave before the vote, so I am not sure if any else voted for it anyway.

So, not this year, at least in IHE anyway. That said, the lack of an IHE profile does not mean the one cannot implement the idea (though it does mean that one does not have the IHE Connectathon as a venue for testing it).


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